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Computer and employee monitoring :

You can follow all computers from a single monitor and view summary reports. Shortcuts provide simpler control

Personal Productivity indicators :

There are many independently working, different indicators, charts and graphs for each user in SmartRuling panel.

Mobile Access Support:

You can access SmartRuling control panel from any internet connected device with a web browser. From there you can monitor your network.


Monitoring Employee Activities on Office PC's

SmartRuling is the latest in high-tech cloud-based employee monitoring software and spy software that allows you to remotely install the monitoring system on any computer you own and access the activity logs from anywhere at any time via your own secure SmartRuling webspace! No remembering long IP addresses or directly connecting to the remote PC - all you have to do is point your browser to your secure member's area to view logs from any PC's you deploy SmartRuling on! Realtime-Spy's comprehensive monitoring features invisibly log everything users do on your computer.

SmartRuling requires no physical installation, and allows you to truly view activity logs in real-time from any location, at any time!

A new generation of employee monitoring;

A user activity monitoring solution that enables companies to log, retain, review and report on employee activity. SmartRuling creates a definitive record of an employee’s digital activity, and in doing so provides organizations with the ability to see the context of user actions. SmartRuling Cloud is a secure web service that receives active titlebar log data, screenshots, and alarm history from the SmartRuling Agents.

Screenshots are stored as JPEG files in their original workstation resolution. User name, computer name, and time of recording are stored as tags in the .jpg file.Thumbnails are generated from screenshots and stored at the Cloud.

SmartRuling is hosted and backed-up as a web farm on Amazon Web Services.

Free Real-time Activity and Screenshot Viewing

As SmartRuling's name implies, it can show you what users do in real-time at the exact instant they perform an action - from apps being opened and closed, to computer usage and website visits. SmartRuling can also display what users are typing in real-time, as they type, and display screenshots every few seconds for accurate remote visual monitoring.

SmartRuling web base cloud

24/7 Remote Viewing. View logs anytime, anywhere.

Secure web-based log viewing allows you to monitor your PC usage from anywhere.