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Employee Monitoring software

Watch your computers screens from any where and any device.

Employee Monitoring software

Computer and employee monitoring

A user activity monitoring solution that enables companies to log, retain, review and report on employee activity. SmartRuling creates a definitive record of an employee’s digital activity, and in doing so provides organizations with the ability to see the context of user actions.

SmartRuling Cloud is a secure web service that receives active titlebar log data, screenshots, and alarm history from the SmartRuling Agents. In addition, the Cloud provides alarm settings to the Agent upon request. The Cloud is responsible for sending email alarms.

Screenshots are stored as JPEG files in their original workstation resolution. User name, computer name, and time of recording are stored as tags in the .jpg file.Thumbnails are generated from screenshots and stored at the Cloud.

SmartRuling is hosted and backed-up as a web farm on Amazon Web Services.

Advanced Reporting

The SmartRuling Dashboard Reports Tool empowers you to generate professional high-quality management reports on how your employees are using their computers. The Reports Tool provides all the power of the Quick View summary charts in a more traditional presentation format that you can print or email with a click of your mouse.

The reports offered echo the charts provided in the Dashboard Quick View Tool, any of which you can modify and adjust for your specific needs. You can also export any report to Acrobat PDF, HTML or one of several other popular formats for use in other Windows applications. You can even incorporate text, watermarks or logos into your reports to make them look like your other company documents.

Surveys among employees found the following statistics :

  • 47% of workers look for a new job online while at their current position during the work day.
  • 86% of employees use office email for personal reasons (both sending and receiving).
  • 63% of employees admitted to visiting non-work related websites every single day.
  • Non-work related Internet surfing results in up to a 43% loss of productivity each year at American businesses.
  • 94% of online stock trading occurs from the workplace during the work hours.
  • 76% of all web traffic to pornographic websites occurs during the nine to five work day.
  • 35% of workers say they constantly surf the web while at work.
  • Up to 44% of Internet use in the workplace is not directly related to business.
  • 27% of employees admit to shopping on the Internet while at work.
  • 33% of employees watch sports online while at work.
  • Employees are spending more time surfing the web at work then while at home as often the workplace offers a faster connection than the home.

This loss of productivity among employees costs businesses thousands of dollars each and every year when not controlled in some manner or another.  An industry review conducted in 2500 found that lost productivity cost an estimated $349,000 per company for the year with that figure surely higher today.  To put this into perspective, a company with 100-150 employees who work five days a week and earn a $24 salary per hour, would lose $818,500 per year in lost productivity if their employees were wasting 78 minutes per day on the job.  This figure is from salary cost alone for hours of work where nothing productive occurred relating to their job.  There is also the unknown cost of work taking longer to complete, deadlines not being met, and many others which have not been factored in.