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Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I install SmartRuling without technical support ?

SmartRuling is designed to allow easy setup for a user with limited technical experience. You can install SmartRuling and create user accounts in literally seconds. You can simply access the administration page similar to access to your mail and start monitoring your network. It also takes only seconds to install the client application to the PCs.

Can I monitor the PC from outside my network ?

You can monitor and get activity reports of any PC with SmartRuling client installed. You can do this from any internet connected device from anywhere in the world even when the PCs are powered off..

Smart Ruling is developed with a superior technology to all other competing programs. Its unique and unmatched feature is its capability to support remote access from a web based administration window. Therefore you can access and monitor you network from any internet connected device from anywhere in the world.

How long can we keep screen logs ?

You can log up to the capacity of your terminal's HDD. Using our cloud servers you can log 30 days of activity.(log time is 15 days for demo version)

Is there a free trial period ?

You can try the full product for 15 days. And you can purchase it at the end of this time if you are satisfied.

How will I monitor the user efficiency using this program ?

This program is designed to report the user activity and usage details in a very simple manner. It reports items such as the time spent on each window, waiting times, elapsed time since last power on, idle times. It also includes logs of periodic screen shots. You can get periodical and detailed activity reports of all employees including, time spent on each window and idle times along with screen shots of this (in)activity.

Is it legal to monitor employee monitors and activities ?

Legally, employers have complete control right on all the PCs owned by the employer. Therefore The employer can install any monitoring tool to oversee activity on these computers. Moreover presence of such monitoring does not need to be included in the employment contract.

Moreover, IN many countries the employers are directly responsible to restrict access to websites with unwanted or unethical content and IP rights violations. Employers need to fulfill their legal obligations by installing filters and logging systems.

Do you know you can unknowingly run into legal fines even face jail time ?

Employers can be responsible for violations of copyright law by their employees. For downloading a single MP3 or unlicensed SW, you can end up paying thousands of dollars of fines.

SmartRuling will save you legally for the actions of your employees. Your employee activity results in legal trouble the logs of his/her activity can be used as evidence in court..

Can I define more than one admin ?

You can define as many admin's as you wish in SmartRuling. You can also customize the accessible features for each admin.

Will the employees figure out the oversight? Will the program slow down the computer ?

Smart ruling does not leave any trace of function. No Icons, No process names. Unlike competitors it will never load neither memory usage nor CPU to more than 4%.