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User productivity definitions

You can make different productivity definitions based on groups or users separately.

Personal productivity definitions

Personal productivity definitions

Computers gives a detailed information about every program and window titles we use. SmartRuling software creates productivity reports with its specially crafted algorithms based on your previously defined productivity definition rules.

If you want to make a users productivity definitions, you need to go into it’s activity reports. You will see that user’s every activity and the time spent on that activity. It is possible to mark a title or app as productive or unproductive. When you define an app or a title, it will be treated as defined for future reports.

Important detail in here is that title field has always priority over app. For instance you can define an app as unproductive but then you can add titles that possibly match

An other important issue is that when you define a title as productive or unproductive, please choose only a very generic part of a possible title. For instance; when you see a title such as “Facebook Candy Crash” in a user and want to mark as unproductive, you can trim down that title to only include “Candy Crush” and that will be more generic and sufficient.

It is possible to define a productivity definition to a group, all your network or just individual users. However SmartRuling can limit rule definitions or number of rules you can define. Rule definitions are not unlimited. So please try to be selective when defining productivity rules.